Danube Bend by road, by water, by air – Dating Nature

Why should not be here, in this region, insiders? Why should not say that we learned a part of the Danube Bend, that we understand what silence means, the swish of birds’ wings, the jumping fish splash. Do we have boat, cameras or binoculars? Is it challenge after 10 kilometers paddling a cycling cross? Let’s go to the Danube after it to the mountains! One’s age does not matter, dedication only!

What we are organizing:
  • GPS “ treasure” rides on land and water
  • Compound bike rides and rowing( kayak-canoe)
  • Rowing- horse car-bike- rowing adventure tour escorted by boat

  • All-day full board hikes by various devices, including protective clothing
  • Sightseeing –boat tours Vikings’ fight manner ( sun may shin, wind may blow, or even rains) By boat is a 40 minutes trip to reach the inner city of Budapest, half an hour to Visegrad.
  • Bird- watching ( if it rains, back home)
  • At wish: all kind of group-trainings, adventure trips, NATURALLY.
When there are individual, original ideas, the creativity is of capital importance, there for we do our best to fall into line with this conceptions.