Dating Movement

We are desolated we provide no wellness- week-ends, nor gym-machines. (between brakes we confess, that we provide with two saunas, solarium, dressing rooms, gym and Jacuzzi). Our guests generally are average boat-people, cyclists and hikers, or family program organizers. Some of them are really ones of a kind: after a bike-ride-tour they return back from Esztergom, even in November, by rowing kayaks. In this occasion we equip them with neoprene dresses and escort them with motor-boat, as well.
Our motto remains: NATURALLY.

We stay for, that there is indeed the viable world:
  • Here the Danube, explore it! Rent from us: kayaks, canoes or other water equipments and vehicles. Donít be a defeatist: we do our best to keep your safety, even if the experience and memories of such an adventure is exclusively yours! (At this point, we are kindly warning you to keep the rules of the game)

  • If you are longing for challenge, dressed in our special equipment, you may row on the Danube even in December ice-flow. We escort and protect you. Dot. Dot, not a question mark!
  • Water-skiing and teaching it, is not a question, we voluntarily do this for you, although one must know this is not a cheep sport. If you try this during cold weather time, is no problem at all: due to the neoprene dress we have!

  • Fishing is great, especially children like it! If grandpa helps, even better. We can borrow you fishing rod and boat, the appropriate weather and luck is your duty!
  • Here is the Danube Bend, what else may whish one? Mountain-river-valley is it enough? Shure it is: we give all assistance and tools to make you discover this part of Hungary. If you really intend, and you do, you will enjoy.
  • You may rent here: bike, kayak, canoe, fitting size neoprene dress as well. We provide escort boat and all the vehicles; you have to provide the cheerfulness only.

  • If the above are not quite enough, all right, have a tennis play on one of countryís only choice for artificial turf court even at night, although it is more expensive.
  • After all this remains the button table- soccer only...