Dating our hotel

NATURALLY, we do suppose that there are newer or nicer, but hardly better hotels. It is cozy, and “ knows” everything it has to be known or be able to.
  • We were not touched yet, by “the minimal design”, this fact must not scary young people, we ask them to believe: once we were young too!

  • Some of our rooms are “retro”, light oak-covered, comfortable furniture, letting guest feel the atmosphere of a bygone era.

  • The refurbished suites provide enough place to the larger families or group of friends. The convenience here is perfect, but the look is more up-to-date.
  • All rooms are air-conditioned, although this fact is no longer an environment- friendly comfort.

  • Sauna and solarium? Of course, together with a small bath and river-view!

  • Conference hall? Air-conditioned , “theater style” layout for 120 seated persons. Another smaller events-room with a great waterfront position and view for 20-25 seated persons. Also here there is the gym room.

  • Wedding party? Family or company event? NATURALLY. So much so, that even on the island of the internal lake may stay the young couple during their wedding, after they step out from a boat. The Civil Status Officer comes on the spot to conclude marriage.
  • Our cook, the Chain de Rotisseries granted Chef, cooks, in our opinion, almost flawlessly is able to knock together a three eggs omelet...

  • Sport? Everything on the spot. Tennis court: 2nd Wimbledon, such an artificial grass court is not elsewhere in Hungary but here, not just now, tomorrow and a day after tomorrow too. For details, please scroll to the “Sports” file.

  • Waterfront garden is the only one in Szentendre. In the entire down-town area, is only here where one may sit-down directly near the river. If the wind is blowing, or drops of rain are falling, there are protective umbrellas near the inner lake of our garden. We have told and we undertake: NATURALLY.

  • Traditional, local beer, wine & soda “aus Monarchien”(from the good-old Monarchy times ) and other the like.